Thursday, 4 June 2009

Here's Something Interesting

Mystic Pig has been selected as one of the nominations for the inaugural round of The People's Book Prize. This is a great opportunity for people to hear about and read our favourite book so spread the word. Some blurb about the prize is below; in the meantime click on the picture and vote for the Pig!

The People's Book Prize:

Members of the public will vote for their favourite books on The People’s Book Prize website or at their local library or book shop. There will be no other judges involved in the selection of winners and all the competing titles will be from independent publishers only. There will be a prize for one member of the public each month

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1 comment:

Kaz said...

Have just finished the book after finding it in my local charity shop! I don't usually read novels but something drew me to this and once I had started it, I couldn't put it down!
Wonderfully written and, as a chef, I especially loved the recipes!!!
Would recomend it to anyone and shall be returning it to the charity shop for someone else to find!