Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Anyone Seen a Bald Guy with a Lollipop? - Another No.

Or maybe a scruffy bloke in an Oxfam raincoat with a lazy eye? Yeah, so although there is murder in the book, it ain't no whodunnit. In fact we know whodunnit so the TV-movie California gumshoe effect this cover provided was no good either. Murder can be a crime of passion obviously, and passion is the major emotion in the novel, that's for sure but there are so many other themes in the Pig that the cover needed to reflect a bit more depth - I mean, it's not all about death fer cryin'outloud. We've got joy, redemption, friendship, devotion - in a way, it's a celebration of people's innate humanity in the face of despair. Not so much as would validate tomorrow's no-go cover attempt though...

Ooh, and then there's the sweet Potato Redfish with Kumquats... I mean it when I say this book is almost edible.


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