Saturday, 30 August 2008

Cover Uncovered

Sure, I know - loads of you hate it. What can I say? After hours of arguments and food fights this is the one everyone loved a bit, and some lots. I was one of the 'lots' and as I have kind of a casting vote around here...

There's an epic poem at the heart of the novel. Don't worry, there's no actual poetry in the book (although I'm sure some of you would love that) but we wanted to convey the whole classical influence the poet is channeling . I mean, it's no Inferno but there's a medieval fire-and-brimstone allegorical quality that infuses the story proper and we needed to combine this with the human passion of the characters' situations. There are so many themes in the book it was difficult to make just one the the overriding influence. Hence the lack of an actual picture and the decision to go with an... evocation?

The stock will be uncoated so it will have a parchment-esque feel to it and I wanted it to seem 'basic' and archaic for obvious reasons. The font is called Millesime and has a rough, unfinished, urgent quality - the passion I keep blah-ing on about. Different sizes and colours - layers, arcs etc.

But mainly - I think it looks cool. So there it is. I think it has shelf-appeal anyway - don't you?

Another recipe next week by the way - the Sweet Potato Redfish with Kumquat mentioned before I think.

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