Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Eight months, two weeks and five days since I got myself a copy of Mystic Pig and decided to bring it back. And, thanks to Richard, here we are - putting it out there, seeing if this is one pig that can fly. A pig that became a phoenix. Through death, rebirth; or some such blah ;p

"It’s late. I’m exhausted. But as I tap these words to you I am filled
with the sense of how blessed I am, though I can’t fix to the dark
beneath these words an image or even the most abstract conception
of what may be the agent of that blessing. Bart Linsey was not
gathered to the bosom of an infinitely loving and knowing progenitor.
The trillions of little lights comprising him simply burned out in a
grand cascade. What has blessed me confounds me precisely
because I don’t doubt that I am comprised likewise of trillions of tiny
lights that in due course will flicker out with a rapidity unmatched
except on those unimaginable scales at either extreme of nature.
I’ll see you soon."

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